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Danny Eastwood

Danny Eastwood

Danny Eastwood is a descendant of the Ngemba Tribe of Western NSW on his mothers side. Danny was born in Sydney and lived in the Eora Tribal area until he was thirteen. He now lives in the Dahrug Tribal area of Western Sydney.

Danny was NSW Aboriginal Artist of the year in 1992 & in 1993 won the National Aboriginal Artist of the year award. He has been commissioned by local councils in Sydney to create murals which can be seen in Southern Sydney and Parramatta.

A cartoonist for the Koori male, Danny also teaches visual art in schools and prisons throughout N.S.W

Danny's totem is the Galah bird 'Gillawarna'.

Danny's art can be found in major collections such as the Australian Maritime Museum, Sydney and Heritage Centre in Parramatta.

Danny won the Parliament of New South Wales Indigenous Art Prize 2008 with his entry 'My Reconciliation', a pen, ink and watercolour work on paper, depicting a scene from the back lane he grew up in as a small boy in inner Sydney. There were many families of all colours that mixed together as friends and neighbours.