Bullroarer by Michael Lyons
Coolamon 03 by Michael Lyons
Coolamon by Michael Lyons
Sandhill Clapsticks
Sandhill Artifacts Aboriginal Boomerang
Sandhill Artefacts 12 Inch  Boomerang
Emu Caller by Michael Lyons
Serpent Didgeridoo by Michael Lyons
Coolamon 01 by Michael Lyons
Coolamon 02 by Michael Lyons
Michael Lyons

Michael Lyons

Inspired by his father, an expert craftsman of boomerangs for hunting and throwing, Michael inherited the skills and patience to perfect the art of making boomerangs and artifacts with earthy colours and traditional designs.

A descendant of the Wiradjuri, Michael leads cultural tours around his traditional country, teaching them about bush foods and survival.

He frequently visits schools in the Riverina district and thoughout Sydney, demonstrating painting and didgeridoo techniques and teaching children about bush medicines, bush food and story telling.