The boomerang is a throwing weapon used primarily for hunting and fighting as well as sport. It is also used for digging and clearing, fire making, trade, ceremonies and music making.

The shape and size vary depending on its function but can be grouped into categories of returning, non-returning, hunting and ceremonial. They are shaped from timber and great care is taken to select the appropriate branch or tree root for the correct angle and grain. The ends of the returning boomerang are grooved on the underside to act as an aerodynamic aid. The non-returning boomerang or hunting boomerang is longer, has a shallower curve and is usually thicker than the returning variety.

Boomerang making is an ancient craft and dates back between 9-10,000 years.

*Encyclopedia Of Aboriginal Australia

Carved 16" Boomerang
Sandhill Artifacts Aboriginal Boomerang
Sandhill Artefacts 12 Inch  Boomerang